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Postural Syndrome

Postural syndrome refers to discomfort and pain which result from prolonged poor posture and positions such as slouching or extended standing. People who sit for prolonged periods of time at work, watch lots of TV, or frequently text are particularly at risk for postural syndrome.

Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle is at the heart of postural syndrome. Examples include workers hunched over computers all day, prolonged forward head posture while texting, children playing video games and watching television, students carrying heavy backpacks, long periods of time driving in the car.

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Our daily postures and movements tend to be repeated in a way unique to each of us. This produces alterations in muscle length, strength and stiffness that lead to movement impairments and the pain associated with the condition.

Signs and symptoms of postural syndrome:

Classic findings are burning or aching in the neck, back, or shoulders that worsen the longer the poor posture is maintained, and improve when the posture is changed.

Treatment for postural syndrome

To be most effective, treatment of the condition requires a commitment to develop new postural habits.

We actively treat the pain associated with the condition with a variety of stretching, strengthening, and core stability exercises that we prescribe according to your exam findings.

Depending on your needs, other treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, trigger point therapy, ultrasound or interferential current for pain relief, Kinesiotape, soft tissue therapy such as Graston or Active Release to address soft tissue components and foot orthotics.

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Both Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen are highly trained to evaluate and treat postural syndrome. All treatment provided at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic is gentle, safe, and clinically proven to reduce pain. If you are experiencing symptoms, call our team at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic today.