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Many of my patients were kind enough to provide chiropractic reviews so that others could benefit from their experience at the Deutsch Chiropractic Watertown.  Oftentimes, a patient is not sure if chiropractic can help them or if the chiropractor is the right one for them. I hope these patient testimonials help.  I would like to thank all of my patients that went above and beyond by honoring us with their testimonial.

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Reviews by happy couple

Kasey Scholl

Working with Fred over the last few weeks has been amazing! He is so patient and kind through everything. Fred has taken time to not only treat my on going pain, but giving me guidance and education along the way. I highly recommend Fred! Thank you so much for all you have done!

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Jacob Flaherty

Prior to visiting with them, I had never been to a Chiropractic clinic and was skeptical and slightly nervous. Dr. Kathleen did a great job not only treating me, but making it make sense in a joyful way. She is a wonderful educator who will take the time to really explain things. She really seems interested in having her patients get better.

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Liz Melville

I've been fortunate not to have needed a lot of chiropractic help over the years but whenever I've needed treatment I always go to Doctor Fred Deutsch. He treats the problem and also gives great exercises to do at home to continue feeling good. Would recommend them highly

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Christy Kallenberger

I have been going to Deutsch Chiropractic for several years. After going through a few sessions it is amazing how much better I feel. Dr Fred listens to my issues, he is very personable and easy to talk to.

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Pat Biederstedt

I have always had very positive experience in at Deutsch Chiropractic. Dr. Fred and his staff are always friendly and personable. I always feel much better after my adjustments. I definitely would recommend Deutsch Chiropractic!

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Kim Engelhart

I have received excellent and professional care over the years from both Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen. They are very knowledgeable and treat each individual as if you were their only patient. They are able to work with your schedule and I am especially grateful for the times they fit me in when I was in pain and needed to be seen.

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Esther Flaherty

I have been to many chiropractors in many different cities and I have never received such thorough treatment as I do at Deutsch chiropractic. Not only do they treat the pain, but the Drs also give tools to help strengthen the body so as to prevent future problems through exercises, nutritional supplements, and education. I have 4 small children and have had them adjusted starting at days after birth. Thanks Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen!

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Dani Hinkelman

I have been going to Dr Fred for well over 8 years now. He's extremely professional, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him!

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