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Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, take heart: you’re not alone. Studies show that over half the population will experience neck pain at some point in their lives! In fact, neck pain is the second most common condition we see at Deutsch Chiropractic, following only back pain.

Neck problems are prevalent because of the delicate anatomy of the neck combined with the many activities of a busy life that stress the neck. 

For example, the neck contains seven very small vertebrae, yet they are some of the most worked bones in the entire body.

Neck Pain Relieve

Think about this - our neck provides us maximum flexibility to turn and twist and look up and down. Incredibly, our neck also supports the full weight of our head, which is on average about 12 pounds - about the weight of a bowling ball. Think about how tired you would be carrying a bowling ball around all day.  This is exactly what our neck does everyday. No wonder neck pain is so prevalent. 

The neck’s susceptibility to pain and injury is due in part to its flexibility, but also due to the many activities we perform that strain it. Culprits include poor posture, extended sitting, computer work, repetitive movement, prolonged texting, accidents, falls, and everyday wear and tear.

Figuring Out the Cause

The first thing we do at Deutsch Chiropractic is determine the cause of the pain.

The primary two questions we ask ourselves during the examination are “which tissues are causing the pain and why.”  Figuring out the answers to both are important in developing a personalized treatment plan to give you the best short and long term relief.

Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen perform a variety of examination procedures to help answer those questions. They’ll observe your posture, range of motion, and physical condition, noting any movements that causes pain. They’ll feel your spine, note its curvature and alignment, and feel for muscle spasm and tenderness. During the neurological exam, they’ll test your reflexes, muscle strength, other nerve changes, and pain spread.

In some instances, we may order x-rays to help diagnose your condition. An x-ray can show narrowed disc space, fractures, bone spurs, or arthritis.

Neck Pain Treatment

Treatment of neck pain depends on the cause. Of course, all our treatment is natural and drug-free. We know drugs can provide temporary relief by masking symptoms but do nothing to address the underlying problem. Safely and effectively eliminating your neck pain means getting to the root of the problem and correcting it.

All treatment provided at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic is gentle, safe and clinically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen have many tools in their therapeutic tool box. For some patients, the proper “tool” might be a chiropractic adjustment to restore normal joint mobility and function.  For another, the right therapeutic tool might be a progressive resistance exercise program on the MedX machine to build up muscles that  have been damaged from a car accident or from long-standing weakness problems.  Again, the specific components of treatment are dependent on what’s discovered during the examination.

Other common treatments we utilize include postural or McKenzie exercises, Graston or Active Release Soft Tissue Therapies, spinal mobilization, range of motion exercises, spinal decompression, acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, and more.


Discover How Chiropractic Can Help You

Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen understand neck pain and have experience working with patients like you in the Watertown area to relieve the pain. Contact Deutsch Chiropractic for care of your neck pain.

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