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Failed Back Surgical Syndrome

Failed Back Surgical Syndrome (FBSS) is the term given to patients that fail to get better or even worsen after back surgery. Unfortunately, there is nothing in life that is 100%, and that’s especially true when it comes to spinal surgeries. In fact, entire books have been written about the topic and the challenges these patients present to surgeons, chiropractors, and therapists.

Failed Back Surgical Syndrome treatment watertown sd


Surgery for a neck or back condition may be as simple as removing a small fragment of disc material from the spinal canal, or more advanced with the insertion of wires, screws, plates, or cages.

In some FBSS patients that experience ongoing pain following spinal surgery, Distraction and Decompression techniques above and below the surgical site have been shown to reduce pain.

The discs adjacent to the surgery commonly experience additional stresses, leading to degeneration and pain.  The discs adjacent to the surgery site are the targets of our treatment. The surgically altered spinal structures are left alone.


Treatment of Failed Back Surgical Syndrome

At Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic we use Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression to widen the canal space, drop the intradiscal pressure and increase the disc height to relieve pain. We support the treatment with a specially designed home exercise plan and home therapy program.

Early in her Career, Dr. Kathleen spent two years as a Clinical Associate and Researcher with Dr. Cox. Fast forward 30+ years and no nonsurgical or noninvasive tool is better in providing relief to FBSS patients.

Discover How Deutsch Chiropractic Can Help You

If you continue to have pain following your spinal surgery, both Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen are highly trained to treat FBSS problems. All treatment is gentle, safe, and clinically proven to reduce pain.

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