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Frequently asked question about chiropractic services

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healing art that recognizes the body's natural inborn ability to heal.  The basic tenant of chiropractic is that the nervous system is the master-controller of the human body and a person’s health. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. It regulates all life-sustaining functions such as movement, blood circulation, digestion, breathing, and immunity from disease. Because of the intimate anatomic relationship between the spine and the nervous system, abnormalities of spinal alignment or function can effect nerves, as well as the organs, tissues and cells they control. Chiropractic corrects those abnormalities, removes road-blocks and promotes normal nerve function. Thanks to our miraculous nervous system, living in good health is possible - our digestive system automatically converts our meals into living tissue; our lungs automatically take in and extract oxygen from air; cuts and wounds automatically heal; and invading germs are automatically attacked and destroyed. Whenever the nervous system is functioning properly, optimum health is possible.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Adjustments are a type of treatment to restore normal function to a vertebra or joint. Studies have proven that the chiropractic adjustment triggers the release of natural painkillers called endorphins, and that swelling, inflammation and pain can reduce significantly after an adjustment is performed. Adjustments reduce nerve irritation. The Doctors are proficient in many hands-on adjustment techniques as well as newer instrument assisted correction methods. If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer to be adjusted in a particular way, let Dr. Fred or Dr. Kathleen know. We want you to relax and enjoy the benefits of your chiropractic care.

See our page on Adjustments for more information.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

Nearly all insurance plans include chiropractic benefits. We’re participating providers for nearly all local insurance companies including Blue Cross, Avera, Sanford, Dakota Care, Medica, United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans, etc. We are also participating providers in Medicare (info also available at and Medicaid, and will directly bill the responsible party if you are injured on the job or in an automobile accident. Our office will verify your benefits with your insurance company. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. Our insurance clerk will be happy to assist you.

Please see our Financial Policy page for more information.

I have pregnancy-related back pain. Can you help me?

For some 35 years, Dr. Kathleen has enjoyed treating hundreds of women throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Her gentle touch and special treatment techniques have given her the opportunity to share in this special time and give tremendous relief to so many. Pregnancy is one of the most important times to make sure your body is functioning optimally.

See our page on Pregnancy Back pain for more information.

Can I see you for headache pain?

Absolutely. Chiropractic is a proven approach for many headaches. See our page on Headaches for more information.

I Don’t Believe In Chiropractic!

When I graduated from chiropractic school, only chiropractors provided spinal manipulation.  Today, it seems like almost all the health professions are either providing spinal manipulation or are referring to other practitioners that  provide it.  Why?  Because best medical practice guidelines include spinal manipulation as one of the most valuable first-line treatments for neck and back problems.

In fact, during a medical presentation about the scientific basis of spinal manipulation, one of the leading neurologists in the US, Scott Halderman, MD, said: “There are more than 30 randomized controlled clinical trials studying the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in the relief of spinal pain, the majority of which have looked at acute low back pain. Manipulation has been compared to most non-surgical treatment modalities including placebo, ultrasound, traction, exercise, bed rest, analgesics and corsets. The meta-analyses performed by Anderson et al led to the conclusion that the average patient receiving spinal manipulation is better off than 54 to 85% of the patients receiving the comparison treatment.” Department of Neurology, University of California, Irvine. Presented at the Alternative And Complementary Medicine And The Orthopedic Surgeon, February, 28, 2001.

There is much more proof, but, I think you get the picture.

“I’m Afraid It Is Going To Hurt!”

This one’s easy. Chiropractic care should not hurt! Our techniques are extremely gentle and most patients say they either felt only gentle pressure or almost nothing at all. The only time there is any discomfort is when you are in such severe pain, you cannot even move or be touched.

If you have been to another Chiropractor and it was painful, they probably either used the wrong technique or may not have been proficient in their chosen technique. Most people know that Chiropractic care has been proven to work wonders with back and neck pain, but what most people are not aware of is the fact that are over 300 techniques a Chiropractor may use.

What this means is that you can walk into two different Chiropractor’s offices and get two very different treatments with two very different results! What this also means is that if you give one Chiropractor a try, and you do not receive the desired results, don’t give up on Chiropractic care.

Once I Start Going Do I Have To Go For The Rest Of My Life?

No you don’t. That’s one of the biggest myths about Chiropractic care. After your complete evaluation, you will be given the best possible treatment plan to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, physical therapy, ultrasound, soft tissue therapy or any of the other therapeutic services we provide. Your Treatment Plan is unique to you based on your diagnosis, pain severity, pain duration and your personal goals. An example of a personal goal is “to be able to lift my grandchildren with no back pain.” Sometimes personal goals can be accomplished in as little as a few treatments, other times a few weeks or more are required. In general, the more severe the pain or the longer it’s been bothering you, the more stubborn it is to manage. Overall, about 80% of people are 80% better within 2-4 weeks.

“I Don’t Think You Can Help Me!”

Sometimes people come to Deutsch Chiropractic because they've been to different doctors without finding relief. Lief is a great example. He saw four doctors and had ump-teen tests and scans before finding relief with us.  Listen to his story by clicking on the link.

While no profession can claim a 100% success rate, we use evidence-based treatments to maximize results.  When you come in for an initial evaluation, we’ll be able to tell if it’s likely you will be able to benefit from care. We’re confident that can put together one of the most effective systems to address your pain and relieve many if not all of your symptoms. No matter how long you’ve been suffering, an effective Chiropractic care plan can achieve tremendous results. We even work with patients that have had extensive surgery and still received no major relieve from pain. No matter how old or helpless you THINK your case is, Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen have proven time and time again that Chiropractic care can help. And in the event the doctors find a problem they can’t help, like a kidney problem causing your back pain, they will immediately refer you to the appropriate medical specialist.

How long does it usually take to get better from a back pain episode?

About 80% of people with lower back pain are 80% better within 2-4 weeks.

If my M.R.I. shows a herniated disc can you help me?

Herniated discs are very common. It has been found that they are present in people both with and without symptoms – even 20 year olds! We treat herniated discs all the time and have a high rate of success.

See our pages on Low Back Pain and Decompression for more information.

What is the most important thing I can do for myself for back pain?

Stay active!