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The doctors and staff are highly trained in the rehabilitation of neck, back, arm and leg injuries. In fact, of the 400 chiropractors in South Dakota, Dr. Fred is among a handful that are Diplomats in Rehab, the highest educational designation in the chiropractic profession.

At Deutsch Chiropractic we ensure that you are an active part of your treatment program by arming you with the necessary tools to resolve your complaint and keep you active and healthy.

A few of the rehab programs we use at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic:

Core Stabilization

A basic component of many of the treatment plans we develop for our patients, “core stability” describes the ability to control the position and movement of the central portion of the body. Core stability training targets the muscles deep within the abdomen which connect to the spine, pelvis and shoulders, which assist in the maintenance of good posture and provide the foundation for all arm and leg movements.

Progressive Rehabilitative Exercise (PRE)

PRE is another basic component of many treatment plans we develop for our patients. This is a strength training method in which the overload is constantly increased to facilitate muscular adaptation. Progressive resistance is essential for building muscle and getting stronger.

McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment

The McKenzie Method is an internationally known system for the assessment and treatment of back, neck and extremity pain. It is a component of many treatment plans particularly dealing with radiating arm or leg pain.  We commonly combine Decompression with McKenzie for treatment of disc problems

MedX Therapy

MedX is an isolated Progressive Resistance Protocol using for treatment of neck or back pain . Patients that suffer from chronic recurring problems, or that continue to have pain following back surgeries are usually good candidates for this therapy. It’s also a highly effective treatment for Whiplash Injuries to the neck. There are only a few doctors in South Dakota that have received MedX training, including Dr. Fred.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact our team at Deutsch Chiropractic.