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Dr. Kathleen enjoys working with women to achieve pregnancy when there’s been difficulty or previous miscarriages.  She will take a thorough history of your health, including previous cycles, your diet and what interventions you may previously tried.

In Meridian Therapy (the proper term for acupuncture), the Chinese have a statement about infertility, “If the mother is not well nourished, you cannot nourish a child.”

Because this is true, Dr. Kathleen looks at your overall health and works with you on areas that need support. She uses acupuncture to balance your meridians so your body can start working in harmony.  She may recommend Chiropractic manipulation, especially in the low back or sacroiliac joints as the sacral nerves that exit there go to the pelvic organs and there may be some dysfunction.  This is also important during the pregnancy and for delivery.

We recommend treatment for a minimum of 3 cycles. For some of our patients, pregnancy was not achieved until after 6 months because of the time required to reduce inflammation.

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