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Disc Problems

Pain arising from disc problems is not much fun. The good news is we have high success rates following decompressive non-surgical protocols using the Cox techniques and McKenzie protocols.

Disc bulges and herniation’s are conditions in which the outer edges of the discs are damaged.

Bulges occur when the outer edge frays or weakens. This damage allows the jelly-like center to bulge outward and may put pressure on a spinal nerve. If the outer edges of the disc become completely disrupted, the central jelly-like material can fully rupture outward into a spinal nerve.

dis problems causes and treatment watertown sd

Disc problems can occur anywhere in the spine.  A disc problem in the neck can result in just neck pain, or a combination of pains radiating into the shoulder blade or down the arm.  A disc problem in the upper back can result in pain local to the spinal area or pain that radiates along the nerve between the ribs.  Finally, disc problems in the low back can result in just low back pain or a combination of pains radiating down into the buttock, hip, groin or leg. Radiating leg pain due to pressure on the sciatic nerve is called sciatica. In general, the further down the leg you experience pain, the more pressure there is on the nerve.

Treatment of Disc Problems

Early in Dr. Kathleen’s career, she had the opportunity to associate with perhaps the most famous chiropractor disc pain researcher in the world, Dr. James Cox. To this day, we continue to use his flexion-distraction and decompression methods and continue to see outstanding results.

Both Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen are highly trained to diagnose and treat disc problems. All treatment provided at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic is gentle, safe, soothing and clinically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility.

If you are experiencing disc problems, call our team at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic today.