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Back Pain

Back pain is the #1 condition treated by chiropractors world-wide and we are certainly no different here in Watertown – back pain is the #1 condition treated at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic. If you are living with back pain then you know life isn’t a cakewalk. The studies show almost everyone will experience back pain in their life, ranging from slightly irritating to completely crippling.

The good news is we know pain — and we know how to get rid of it.

What causes Back Pain?

Back problems develop from many causes including sudden overloads, repetitive motions, athletic injuries and sudden wrong moves. Postural stresses like slumping postures are also a well-known cause of back pain. Below are a few of the more common back conditions we see at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic.

Disc Problems

Disc bulges and herniation’s are conditions in which the outer edges of the discs, located between the vertebrae, are damaged. This condition allows the jelly-like center to bulge outward, putting pressure on a spinal nerve. If the outer edges of the disc become completely disrupted, the central jelly-like material can fully rupture. 

The quality and intensity of the pain depends on the extent and type of disc bulge or herniation.  Because the disc is innervated with highly sensitive nerve endings, even small bulges can produce pain. If the disc has herniated,  the central jelly-like material may exude outward to irritate or compress an adjacent spinal nerve, and shooting or stabbing pain into the buttock or leg may occur. This is called sciatica. In general, the further down the leg you experience pain, the more pressure there is on the nerve.

The good news is both disc bulges and disc ruptures can be treated with a high degree of success using decompressive techniques and McKenzie protocols.

Early in Dr. Kathleen’s career, she had the opportunity to associate with perhaps the most famous chiropractor disc pain researcher in the world, Dr. James Cox. To this day, we continue to use his flexion-distraction and decompression methods and continue to see outstanding results.

Spinal Joint Misalignment

A common cause of back pain, spinal joint misalignments develop from a host of causes including physical stress, trauma, and toxins. They are referred to by a variety of names including subluxations. Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen are trained to identify and correct this problem using non-invasive adjustment techniques.

Sprains and Strains

Strains and sprains usually occur when we perform tasks that our body isn’t used to, or if we have an accident. Lifting, twisting, or stretching past one’s limits are common causes of strains and sprains of the back. These problems tend to affect the alignment and function of the spine and typically respond well to chiropractic care.

Stress and Back Pain

Long-standing stress wreaks havoc on the body, and can eventually lead to muscular tension and back pain. The tension often accumulates in what are referred to as trigger points in the muscles and other soft tissues. Trigger points produce pain at their location as well as radiate to other areas of the body. Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen have the knowledge and tools to treat trigger points, including spray-and-stretch techniques, Active Release, and Dry Needling.

Other Issues that Cause Back Pain

Other conditions such as prostate problems, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones can cause symptoms of lower back pain. These are all serious issues that need to be identified and treated immediately to avoid long-term health problems. Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen are trained to identify these conditions and refer you to your family physician or appropriate medical specialist.


Treatment of back pain depends on the cause. All treatment provided at Deutsch Chiropractic Clinic is gentle, safe, and clinically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility.


Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen have many tools in their therapeutic tool box. For some patients the proper “tool” might be a gentle flexion-distraction and decompression treatment to reduce disc herniation and separate the vertebrae. For another, the right therapeutic tool might be a progressive resistance exercise program on the MedX machine to build up muscles that have developed from long-standing muscular weakness problems.


Other common back pain treatments we utilize include postural or McKenzie exercises, Graston or Active Release Soft Tissue Therapies, spinal mobilization, range of motion exercises, acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, and more.


Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen understand neck pain and have experience working with patients like you in the Watertown area to relieve the pain. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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